Jude Pereira
Java developer and Linux enthusiast
mobile +91 800 731 7529
e-mail judepereira@7terminals.com
web judepereira.com

Stratus Photo Solutions
Java EE Web developer, Android Application Developer, and Linux Technician
jan '13 to present Developed several intuitive applications for image processing, such as PhotoMark, PhotoStage, and PhotoMark Creator. These applications communicate to a central cloud setup powered by a D3 plug computer.

Setup all the moving parts and integrated several Linux services such as CUPS, Webmin, Apache, and Samba. All the applications work together to create a complete unified experience. Developed a simple Media Gallery in PHP to access all media uploaded to the network share directories, via any of the applications developed. The plug is a WiFi hot-spot for the users of the product to connect to.
Freelance Web Hosting
'11 to present Worked with the founder, to start a secure web hosting service, 7terminals. Utilizing a secure Apache chroot application stack, and being configured by puppet, this hosting service is powered by several Amazon EC2 instances. Built a robust backup system based on GIT.
Technical consulting
apr '13 to may '13 Updated the existing puppet modules to be more flexible and compatible with RedHat and Debian based Linux distributions. I also wrote documentation for each of these modules, and had them published to the Puppet module repository. These modules are available on GitHub.
Network 18 Ltd.
Java Consultant
jun '12 to jan '13 Internship with Network 18, where I was part of the team that developed the advertisement platform. The web user interface was built upon the Apache Struts framework; we used Apache Hadoop to compute statistics from several log files generated each day.
Infomedia 18 Ltd.
Technical Consultant
aug '11 to jun '12 Worked closely with the System and Network Engineering team. Setup servers, built solutions to everyday problems, fixed existing bugs with the infrastructure. Worked with Atlassian products such as JIRA and Confluence. Helped model the entire system infrastructure to Puppet, the configuration management engine. Also helped the launch of production servers into the Xen Cloud Platform. Written several shell scripts to automate several tasks. Built a complete application, Honeypot Poller, which interacted with email services and Network firewalls to block IP addresses received from authenticated email IDs.
dec '09 to present Published documentation on open source security software and role based access control, grsecurity. Maintainer of the Gentoo embedded uClibC stage3s. Published documentation on building embedded Linux implementations, using Gentoo Linux as the base.

The Wilson College
apr '11 First Class - Vocational Science with Computer Science (HSC) Mumbai University - 75.00%
St. Mary's High School
mar '09 First Class - Indian Certificate of Secondary Education - 78.86%
Secured the highest marks(94/100) in Computer Applications(using Java).