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Discover – my second iOS app

iTunes Genius is a great feature. However, it lacks music discovery outside your own music library. Sure, you can always do a Google search for similar tunes, but let’s face it – who has time to do this anymore? There weren’t any great music discovery apps on the App Store either. All of them either […]

0f > Float.MIN_VALUE = false!

Updates: Turns out that this is the expected behaviour from the java doc: A constant holding the smallest positive nonzero value of type float, 2-149. So now, how do I get the smallest negative value that a float can hold? Just came across the most weirdest thing ever in Java – 0f > Float.MIN_VALUE returns […]

A Usable Mac: Yosemite + Reduced Transparency + Lucida Grande

I updated to OS X 10.10 after a day it was released – only to be stunned by the really, really ugly looking UI. @francispereira dubs this new update as “Polio infected”. There’s transparency where it should never have been in the first place, and the font smoothing engine is gone haywire with the new […]

The official Uncyclopedia Android app

The folks at Uncyclopedia have made my Uncyclopedia Android app as their official app! Get it now!

Evidently, SEED is just a kid in the corporate world

Despite several efforts to contact SEED Infotech regarding their mishap for the past two days, they do not respond. E-mails, twitter updates, facebook posts being deleted from their end, says everything: SEED Infotech is lazy. They cannot afford to sponsor an event such as this one. What’s more, today’s challenge makes no sense whatsoever! SEED […]

Import your Nokia S40 Contacts to Google or the like

Nokia S40 phones’ can’t sync with Google or any other good online web services. So if you wanted to export your contacts from your phone and import them into your GMail contacts/other contact management, how would you accomplish this? It’s a little complicated, but easy once you do it for the first time. From your […]

liferea and gmail

I bet that mail client of yours just lies there doing nothing, when its sole purpose is to inform you the minute you get a new e-mail. Well, that client just takes up more memory, to just do that, doesn’t it? What if you could just check new mail via an RSS feed? liferea to […]

comparison sheet | plug computers

A lot of these plug computers are in the market. Which one is right for you? Here’s a comparison sheet to help you decide which one should you be looking for: Plug Computer Processor Memory JTAG WiFi Network USB SATA Price Ionics Cumulus KW 1.2Ghz 512MB NAND, 512MB DDR2 Yes Yes 1 Ethernet 1 2 […]

rsyslog: readable time stamps

As of the recent change in time stamps in rsyslog, you have the following time stamp in your logs: 2011-06-05T00:21:46.693033+05:08 Now isn’t that hard and complicated? Seriously, who wants a high precision time stamp? Here’s how you quickly change it to a much more readable and simpler one. Add the following code to the beginning […]

the one thing is useful for : backgrounds

714 wonderful backgrounds! Yes, in my personal opinion, is only useful in supplying fresh backgrounds, which are breath taking. These breath taking set of wallpapers, when set to change randomly on your desktop, makes the look and feel more exquisite. Download the file(see below). The script and the images are inside the tar file. […]

what compiz does to your desktop

Have a great screenshot like this one? Post a comment with the link and I’ll display it here.

CPU scaling governors and you

What is your CPU being governed by? Should it be governed by it? Why? How? Here’s an outlook on the various CPU frequency governors, namely conservative, ondemand, powersave, userspace, and performance, that steps up and steps down the CPU: conservative Pros: very much alike the ondemand governor gracefully increases the stepping, unlike ondemand which sets […]

Upgrade WordPress, eh?

Here’s what most, or at least all of you are doing: your upgrading your WordPress blog back-end from time to time as and when releases are out. Most of the articles about this tell you how to upgrade. Well, this one doesn’t. Here are five reasons why not to upgrade WordPress! Your present theme(which you […]

NON-Standards Compliant C++ with Mumbai University

Mumbai University fails to keep up with the ever-evolving C++ syntax. Making Turbo C/C++ as their prescribed IDE, Turbo C/C++ is ancient and will not compile with the present syntax of C++. Here is the simplest example: #include <iostream.h> #include <conio.h> void main() { cout << "Hello"; } The above code, when compiled with g++ […]

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