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The Unofficial Gentoo Linux x86 uClibC stage3s’

Update: The catalyst spec files are available here: Following this Gentoo bug: We have official experimental uClibC for x86 and amd64 stages. I will not be maintaining these unofficial ones any longer. The link to the official archives is: and The uclibc experimental stages on the gentoo mirrors are all outdated(they […]

Hacking your GoFlex Home, #3 Ideas

Well, first off the ability to just add one USB device is a little boring, I’ve been using a Belkin 4 port USB HUB, and the results are good. For cooling the GoFlex, you may want to remove the bottom cover and keep it on a laptop cooling fan or something similar, as the processor […]

Hacking your GoFlex Home, #2 UART Serial Console

Serial console? That’s beautiful when it comes to debugging. The following images are specific to the Seagate GoFlex Home, however, you may be able to figure out the connections for other Marvell SoCs. On the board: Notice that according to the picture, the bottom right last three pins are used. The junction: I’ve used extra […]

Hacking your GoFlex Home, #1 Build your KERNEL

It’s been quite sometime that I’ve got my GoFlex Home now, and it’s only recently that I’ve received my RS232 Serial USB UART Adapter. The pin connections are simple and easy, I’ll post that as well. As I’ve already got Gentoo Linux running on the Marvell SoC, I was still using the Archlinux ARM kernel, […]

[howto] grsecurity + NOUVEAU + Compiz + Seg Fault

Assuming that you have a grsec + PaX enabled kernel, you would realise that the nvidia-drivers are a bad choice. Quite a few applications will fail(the ones that use Use the nouveau driver for your card, as it’s pretty much stable and works with good 3D acceleration. To get compiz working NOUVEAU under hardened […]

creating unique environments – chroot snapshots – using aufs2

What if you decided that you wanted to experiment and test within a chroot(ed) environment? And then something went wrong and you had to start all over again from scratch? Big headache, too much pain, especially with RPM based distributions. Well don’t do that then, here’s an interesting approach. Use aufs2, a stackable filesystem. An […]

bootstrap CentOS from Gentoo (or any linux distribution)

To bootstrap CentOS in Gentoo, I did the following. It basically installs the essential CentOS components into the specified directory, and from there on, chroot into that directory and perform tests, etc. First off, you’ll need to unmask a few packages(replace ~amd64 with ~x86 if your on the x86 architecture), and enable the flag sqlite […]

binpkg: a Gentoo Masterpiece

If you were running a cluster of Gentoo driven machines, would you actually compile source for each of them? Or rather use binary packages? Gentoo’s masterpiece is binpkg, when you compile for one machine, you don’t have to recompile throughout, use quickpkg to build binary packages. Such packages can be hosted over a central server […]

Coloured /var/log/messages at tty12

Reading logs could never become any more easier, at just a keystroke, you have your logs displayed where you want, in some fancy colour. They look great too. TTY’s can be accessed by pressing Alt + Ctrl + F[1 – 12] simultaneously. In the following, you’ll get a decent, colourized log display of /var/log/messages when […]

Lazy System Admins – Bash Completion

Let’s admit it, we’re all lazy system admins. The bash completion in any other distribution is incomplete, and not as powerful as the one in Gentoo. It just does not work the way it works so brilliantly in Gentoo Linux. Ofcourse, you can port that same source to other distributions. To enable bash completion in […]

visual basic 6 revisited – linux – wine

Earlier this year, I had written an article on running Visual Basic 6 on linux under wine, this is an update for it, the prior one is deprecated Getting Visual Basic 6 to work on linux is pretty easy, not much trouble, all the basic things work, as of what I’ve tested. Here’s how you […]

CPU scaling governors and you

What is your CPU being governed by? Should it be governed by it? Why? How? Here’s an outlook on the various CPU frequency governors, namely conservative, ondemand, powersave, userspace, and performance, that steps up and steps down the CPU: conservative Pros: very much alike the ondemand governor gracefully increases the stepping, unlike ondemand which sets […]

embedded gentoo [uclibc] | nothing beats this

A few uclibc embedded gentoo facts: the compilation of the box takes around 15 minutes at boot up, takes less than 3 megabytes of RAM disk space: 17 megabytes boots in under 8 seconds on a pentium3 link to stage3 tarballs archive # this is my make.conf, it should be the same in the stage3, […]

noCD? |boot from usb| Sabayon Linux

I had a pen-drive lying around, and so I decided to try out a new distribution of linux, Sabayon Linux. Why Sabayon? On a base install, everything is there and just works perfectly For a newbie, the hard part is often getting playback codecs, well, Sabayon has them pre-installed Sabayon has focused on the base […]

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