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A letter to Tim Cook regarding iOS 10, with love for Apple

Tim, iOS has always been known for it’s user interface, until recently. Your new take on notifications have not only made them very loud, and unsettling, but do not flow with the entire look and feel of Apple: No Mr. Tim, no. My notifications aren’t waiting for me. They’re crying out for my attention.  See […]

“The Library” is here

“The Library” is a collection of several popular encyclopedias. It is your one stop for popular game guides and TV show trivia. You can search, and bookmark articles from various encyclopedias. What’s more? Each time the app is launched, it displays a random featured article from the encyclopedia you last viewed! Explore more about your […]

CardBox – Personalize a card for every occasion

We[the CardBox developers], have recently launched a brand new app, CardBox, which allows you to create and instantly share greeting cards for almost any occasion! CardBox allows you to create cards for the following occasions currently: Birthdays Anniversaries Christmas New Year’s day Valentine’s day Women’s day Mother’s day Father’s day Parents’ day Grandparents’ day Halloween […]

Notes on running the Crippled Turbo C/C++ from Dosbox, within a Linux Env

Notes on setting up Turbo C/C++ within DosBox 0.74, compiled from source: Install DosBox from source This is the dosbox_shared directory containing Turbo C/C++ This config file is tested and works, modify the last three commands, to set the correct path to where you’ve extracted the dosbox_shared.tar.bz2 Place the config file in /home/username/.dosbox/dosbox-0.74.conf

Rooted? Get the most of your Android phone | A power saving strategy

The smart-phones these days are power hungry devices, and often drain the battery within six to eight hours, or even less. However, if it’s running Android, there’s a good chance that that can change. The key is to find the right set of tools, and optimize your phone to be right on the edge, there […]

Splash! “… come, and lose yourself”

You should not use Airtel

No one likes to be controversial about this. I would definitely agree with Airtel and it’s “just awesome” service to me. Now, I rather would not at all. “Airtel has me on the worse side”. Looking at this agreeable GPRS scheme, “Nightly Month@Rs. 89”, displayed at *567#, is that you get 100MB during the day […]

NON-Standards Compliant C++ with Mumbai University

Mumbai University fails to keep up with the ever-evolving C++ syntax. Making Turbo C/C++ as their prescribed IDE, Turbo C/C++ is ancient and will not compile with the present syntax of C++. Here is the simplest example: #include <iostream.h> #include <conio.h> void main() { cout << "Hello"; } The above code, when compiled with g++ […]

Finally it all pays off!!!

Yipee!!! I got 78.86% ! All the hardwork for five months pays back. Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination 2009 Index No T/6563/015 Name JUDE BENEDICT PEREIRA School ST. MARY’S HIGH SCHOOL,MOUNT ABU Date of Birth 28/10/1993 Subject Percentage Marks ENG 78 HIN 72 EED 86 HCG 76 MAT 74 SCI 72 CTA 94 SUPW […]

St. Mary’s High School, Mt. Abu

I have spent almost five years at this school. It was just like a second home to me. With facilities like a swimming pool, basketball courts, football grounds, a multimedia, etc., we not only grew up to be pure men but also with a range of hobbies that we do. There are several competitions that […]

Cold War Cools Down

At the end of the exams, we all say to ourselves Come what may… The incident at Banglore took us by a complete surprise and then the Geography exam was post-ponded later, leading to an increase in tension and also causing problems in travelling. We finaly had to travel by bus, which ofcourse was very, very irritating. 

The long awaited holidays have finally begun, each moment being like a million years. Let’s

Exams finally round the corner!

Finally, the long awaited exams… the ICSE boys of St. Mary’s High School, Mt. Abu retreat back to the campus early on the the 6th day of the glorified month February for the teachers give final instructions and refine the students in their knowledge… Then follows the Board Exam on 2nd March, 2009. The exams end on 30th March and I am free from the ill air of the exam

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