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A letter to Tim Cook regarding iOS 10, with love for Apple

Tim, iOS has always been known for it’s user interface, until recently. Your new take on notifications have not only made them very loud, and unsettling, but do not flow with the entire look and feel of Apple: No Mr. Tim, no. My notifications aren’t waiting for me. They’re crying out for my attention.  See […]

Mocking the HTTP/2 Apple push notification gateway in Go

At CleverTap, we had the need to mock the new HTTP/2 Apple push gateway API. After trying to do this in Java, and then in Python, I succeeded in getting it to work in Go. Go out of all languages! To me, Go has a completely strange syntax, compared to Java and C. This¬†mock server […]

Compile LESS on the fly for your exploded WAR in IntelliJ

At CleverTap, we’ve recently started using LESS for dynamic CSS. While it has it’s upsides, the biggest downside¬†was that most of our developers couldn’t use the hot deploy feature for their local deployments. After an hour or so, we came up with a neat solution.   There are two parts to this: Just before deploying […]

Sending notifications via Apple’s new HTTP/2 API (using Jetty 9.3.6)

HTTP/2 is still very much new to Java, and as such, there are just two libraries who support it – Jetty (from 9.3), and Netty (in alpha). If you’re going the Jetty way (as I have), you’ll need to add their ALPN library to your boot classpath. Note: Jetty 9.3.x requires the use of Java […]

openFrameworks and AppCode

Developing an openFrameworks app with AppCode is pretty easy. However, if you just open and run the project created by the project generator, you might see the following errors: Why doesn’t it just work? This is because openFrameworks doesn’t support 64 bit builds yet on the Mac, due to a dependency on the deprecated QT […]

CLion 1.1.1 and openFrameworks 0.8.4

A basic template to start building oF projects using CMake within CLion. It’s here on GitHub! All credits go to kureta for the CMake files. I’ve just pieced it together as a project which can be imported.

OpenWRT won’t bring my WiFi interface up, unless the other is up

I recently bought a D-Link DIR 505 router. So far, I’ve got a DLNA server running on it, along with Transmission, a bit torrent client. Life is awesome so far. I set it up to repeat another WiFi router in my house, the one connected to the internet – using a bridge. It works really […]

Discover – my second iOS app

iTunes Genius is a great feature. However, it lacks music discovery outside your own music library. Sure, you can always do a Google search for similar tunes, but let’s face it – who has time to do this anymore? There weren’t any great music discovery apps on the App Store either. All of them either […]

0f > Float.MIN_VALUE = false!

Updates: Turns out that this is the expected behaviour from the java doc: A constant holding the smallest positive nonzero value of type float, 2-149. So now, how do I get the smallest negative value that a float can hold? Just came across the most weirdest thing ever in Java – 0f > Float.MIN_VALUE returns […]

MPU 6050 and it’s DMP over time

Using Jeff’s brilliant library for using the DMP on the MPU 6050, here are graphs of the DMP filling the FIFO buffer at 200 Hz, 100 Hz, and 50 Hz. At 200 Hz, I found that while the MPU did interrupt my Arduino Due at 200 Hz, I could only read off the FIFO at […]

Arduino Due – Absolute Maximum Ratings

The table below lists the maximum current which can be sourced or sinked for a given pin on an Arduino Due board: Due Pin Number SAM3X Pin Name Mapped Pin Name IOH (or ISOURCE) in mA IOL (or ISINK) in mA 0 PA8 RX0 3 6 1 PA9 TX0 15 9 2 PB25 Digital Pin […]

A Usable Mac: Yosemite + Reduced Transparency + Lucida Grande

I updated to OS X 10.10 after a day it was released – only to be stunned by the really, really ugly looking UI. @francispereira dubs this new update as “Polio infected”. There’s transparency where it should never have been in the first place, and the font smoothing engine is gone haywire with the new […]

Download your Coursera lectures using JS, bash and wget

So, in light of recent events, I was unable to follow up on my Coursera Algorithms course. Trying to find a way to download all the lectures at once, I couldn’t find a way that worked for me – I found two, but they simply didn’t work. With the help of some JavaScript that I […]

“The Library” is here

“The Library” is a collection of several popular encyclopedias. It is your one stop for popular game guides and TV show trivia. You can search, and bookmark articles from various encyclopedias. What’s more? Each time the app is launched, it displays a random featured article from the encyclopedia you last viewed! Explore more about your […]

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