I have worked with Jude since Jan 1, 2013 and have to say that when we started this company we were a “one hit wonder”, preparing to market our product. I have since presented Jude with challenges ranging from a designing a simple Android app to others that everyone deemed impossible. Jude stepped up to the plate and hit a home-run every time.

Our product line now consists of six primary Android apps as well as several others that are ancillary to our projects. In addition he has written numerous Linux programs capable of running on a nano-computer and provided the ability to to have the Android devices communicate wirelessly and seamlessly with the Linux devices. When we needed a licensing program for our products I asked him to find one that would accommodate our needs. When he couldn’t find one he developed one for us. Jude is an all-star at every level.

What is especially impressive is that he accomplished all this while being a full time college student.

Jude loves to be challenged and works hard. In reality, we wouldn’t exist in our current state if it were not for his efforts.

I highly recommend Jude for any project you have in mind. He is the most capable young man I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Moe Tremblay, CEO, Stratus Photo Solutions