Tag: centos

  • chname: change the hostname for a given command

    Run a command in a utsname namespace with a new hostname. You can essentially chroot with a desired hostname and fool a user. I’ve simply built RPM packages for this neat little utility. The source and package are found below. RPM Package: chname-1.0-0.2.x86_64.rpm SRPM Package: chname-1.0-0.2.src.rpm Visit the project’s home page for further clarifications.

  • bootstrap CentOS from Gentoo (or any linux distribution)

    To bootstrap CentOS in Gentoo, I did the following. It basically installs the essential CentOS components into the specified directory, and from there on, chroot into that directory and perform tests, etc. First off, you’ll need to unmask a few packages(replace ~amd64 with ~x86 if your on the x86 architecture), and enable the flag sqlite…