FaunOS Shadow

It’s a distribution based totally on Arch Linux… specialized for USB Portable installs and can also be used as primary OS has over 600 packages pre-installed (I know… it reminds you of Fedora and me too!). So that’s to say that it comes with definitely all the packages you would ever want along with several drivers(except the Broadcom WiFi one…). And what’s more? It has compiz-fusion which works like a thunder. It’s the distro’s Second release only and it’s really great… Though, they shouldn’t have had pacman as their package manager…
Snowing FaunOS

Gentoo on a USB Pendrive

This is what made me leave Fedora within one week:

  • Drivers were not upto date
  • Too generic, resulting is slow performance

This made me remove Fedora Sulphur and finally get Gentoo. Well, the reason for using fedora was because they had a USB specialized version. It seemed too slow and along with other factors, it was terminated.

A fan of Gentoo can never leave it without thinking about it. So, I got the Gentoo installation disk and got it working. The true flavor of Linux. Why were distributions like Ubuntu released? Gentoo is the perfect distribution for humankind. If you want to use Ubuntu, think again! Slow performance with no flexibility.That’s what it is. That’s why I didn’t even think of it though it had a USB special.

Run Gentoo and promote Gentoo Expertises…

Gentoo is fast, non-generic, flexible, etc.