Sabayon fOuR oH

Based on Gentoo,
Sabayon 4.1, tells me:

  • Great performance with less RAM(though you need like 1GB RAM for it to work well enough).
  • Package Management System is absolutely fantastic, with it’s new “Entropy”.
  • Totally the perfect distribution.
  • A fine distribution for the newbie or the expert.

This is what a critic would say:

  • Definitely better than the leading Ubuntu, like a total drift between Ubuntu and Gentoo.
  • It has many other applications that do the same thing as the main one does.

It’s an absolutely fabulous Linux Experience ever. I would rate it 9/10. Highlighting one of its features, is that all small applications can be just installed from it’s binary form, while high-end application, like openoffice, can be compiled using portage, to provide maximum efficiency. What’s more? It’s speedy and a completely out of the box experience.

Finally it all pays off!!!

Yipee!!! I got 78.86% ! All the hardwork for five months pays back.

Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination 2009
Index No T/6563/015
Date of Birth 28/10/1993
Subject Percentage Marks
ENG 78
HIN 72
EED 86
HCG 76
MAT 74
SCI 72
CTA 94
Result * PCA

[HOWTO] Dynamic Plugins for WordPress

Problem: Installed the hemingwayEx theme. Looks great, but the pagination doesn’t work well without the custom hemingwayEx pagination plugin. I got that installed. The hemmingwayEx theme looks cool when it displays two posts per page. The plugin worked well except that for my other two themes, displayed two posts per page. I posted a topic at WordPress Forums. No results.

Solution: Just at the beginning of the hemingwayEx theme, I modified it to create a cookie, like this:

if(!isset($_COOKIE["wptheme" . COOKIEHASH])) {
		setcookie("wptheme".COOKIEHASH, stripslashes($ctheme), $expire);

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P&P Lava Lamp nav for your WP Blog

After two days of having intense jolts given to my head, I finally got the lava lamp navigation working! The orignal idea is from G. Marwaha’ Blog and Cory’s Place. By compiling the two articles, I have a clean way to implement it in probably any wordpress theme. I struggled at this one… but where there is a will, there is a way. This has been tested on the wordpress default theme and the subtleflux theme. You can see it live at my developmental theme. This is also for the lazy man, the quick “copy & paste” method.

So let’s get started, shall we?

Download this zip file containing the jQuery files for Lava Lamp Menu Unzip the files in your theme direcrory.

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Simple Steganography

Wanna hide that information and private things you don’t want your buddies to see? Here is what is called simple steganography. Steganography is the master of black arts. Nobody can ever suspect that there is a simple, easy-to-find drawer in one of your pictures. This works with .png files as I didn’t try it with any other. If the trick works on other file types, please let me know. All set to go? You need a GNU/Linux terminal or a Mac terminal to do this. Someone please post ways of doing this in Windows!
The Trick:
We have a file called “Secret Song.mp3”. We want to hide this into an image file. Let’s assume that our image file is called “Landscape.png”. First, compress the “Secret Song.mp3” into the .zip type compression. Then type the following in the shell:
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St. Mary’s High School, Mt. Abu

I have spent almost five years at this school.

St. Mary's High School, Mt. Abu a. k. a. The Paradise

It was just like a second home to me. With facilities like a swimming pool, basketball courts, football grounds, a multimedia, etc., we not only grew up to be pure men but also with a range of hobbies that we do. There are several competitions that are held on a regular basis, that keep renewing that spirit of enthusiasm and anxiety. There were outdoor games almost everyday, save the Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. We had always learnt to live by each other’s weaknesses and strength.

Some of our favorite “hotspots” for the evening walks were Flaggy, Plummy, Lime Orchard, Tiger’s Path and Shalgaon. Overnight Camping was a must for the class tens, their final year. The overnight picnic was filled with fun. Continue reading “St. Mary’s High School, Mt. Abu”

Cold War Cools Down

At the end of the exams, we all say to ourselves Come what may… The incident at Banglore took us by a complete surprise and then the Geography exam was post-ponded later, leading to an increase in tension and also causing problems in travelling. We finaly had to travel by bus, which ofcourse was very, very irritating. 

The long awaited holidays have finally begun, each moment being like a million years. Let’s just say that all went well and so, enjoy the present, forget about the past and don’t bother about the future.

ICSE 2009 of St. Mary’s High School, Mt. Abu
Batch of '09

Exams finally round the corner!

Finally, the long awaited exams… the ICSE boys of St. Mary’s High School, Mt. Abu retreat back to the campus early on the the 6th day of the glorified month February for the teachers give final instructions and refine the students in their knowledge… Then follows the Board Exam on 2nd March, 2009. The exams end on 30th March and I am free from the ill air of the exam dungeon! Hope for the best…

FaunOS Shadow

It’s a distribution based totally on Arch Linux… specialized for USB Portable installs and can also be used as primary OS has over 600 packages pre-installed (I know… it reminds you of Fedora and me too!). So that’s to say that it comes with definitely all the packages you would ever want along with several drivers(except the Broadcom WiFi one…). And what’s more? It has compiz-fusion which works like a thunder. It’s the distro’s Second release only and it’s really great… Though, they shouldn’t have had pacman as their package manager…
Snowing FaunOS

noatime System Boost

Is your system slow? Do you have to wait 6.2 seconds to start Firefox and other heavy applications?

Well, what you need is the “noatime” filesystem mount option! What exactly happens when system files are read? They are written too! The system writes access times to the files causing unnecessary IO traffic between you and your HDD.

To avoid this, you can mount all your partitions with the noatime option. Simply append “,noatime” beside the “defaults” option in the /etc/fstab and your done!

  /dev/sdb2          /          ext3          defaults,noatime          0  1

Make sure there is no space between defaults and noatime, only a comma.

To test this instantly, execute:

mount -o remount /dev/sdb2

Have fun with the new Performance!

Gentoo on a USB Pendrive

This is what made me leave Fedora within one week:

  • Drivers were not upto date
  • Too generic, resulting is slow performance

This made me remove Fedora Sulphur and finally get Gentoo. Well, the reason for using fedora was because they had a USB specialized version. It seemed too slow and along with other factors, it was terminated.

A fan of Gentoo can never leave it without thinking about it. So, I got the Gentoo installation disk and got it working. The true flavor of Linux. Why were distributions like Ubuntu released? Gentoo is the perfect distribution for humankind. If you want to use Ubuntu, think again! Slow performance with no flexibility.That’s what it is. That’s why I didn’t even think of it though it had a USB special.

Run Gentoo and promote Gentoo Expertises…

Gentoo is fast, non-generic, flexible, etc.

Happy New Year

Seasons change as time passes by. What’s more? It’s now 2009 years A.D.! People are joyful, partying all night long. May peace thrive the hearts of men and women as they set out on this new year! Peace to all and a Happy New Year to you and your Family!
New Year


How many of you use Windows? Well, it’s a bad……very bad idea to use it. I was using it lately just to find out that the system had a bunch of trojans! The user had no clue of it. Process: “wininit.exe”. If you use Windows Vista, see if you have that app running. It’s a WOLLF.16. Apparently, wininit.exe is a crucial system file in Vista, that if you try to kill it(which you will succeed), what do you see? A blue screen! Your system has just crashed!

What is “wininit.exe” exactly?
It looks for a file called “WinInit.INI”. If its found, it processes the commands found in this file. There is your malware hidden. It’s very dangerous when a filename crosses between legit, malware, etc.
Vista Scanning by NOD32
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