Cold War Cools Down

At the end of the exams, we all say to ourselves Come what may… The incident at Banglore took us by a complete surprise and then the Geography exam was post-ponded later, leading to an increase in tension and also causing problems in travelling. We finaly had to travel by bus, which ofcourse was very, very irritating. 

The long awaited holidays have finally begun, each moment being like a million years. Let’s just say that all went well and so, enjoy the present, forget about the past and don’t bother about the future.

ICSE 2009 of St. Mary’s High School, Mt. Abu
Batch of '09


2 responses to “Cold War Cools Down”

  1. @jolvyn
    Hey, long time no see!!! I added you in my chat list… Yup, exams went pretty much well

  2. jolvyn Avatar

    hey buddy hope you remember me well congrats your 78% in your exams
    i went through your blog not bad. i like the steganography part. i have no contact of you but only through this. pls keep in touch