visual basic 6 revisited – linux – wine

Earlier this year, I had written an article on running Visual Basic 6 on linux under wine, this is an update for it, the prior one is deprecated

Getting Visual Basic 6 to work on linux is pretty easy, not much trouble, all the basic things work, as of what I’ve tested.

Here’s how you get that damn thing to work:

Copy over the contents of OS/SYSTEM/ from the CD root to your wine system32 directory

$ cp -r /media/cdrom/OS/SYSTEM/* ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/

Since we are only concerned about Visual Basic 6, copy over the folder VB98 from the CD root to your Program Files

$ cp -r /media/cdrom/VB98/ ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/
# for the sake of convenience, let's rename this folder as Visual Basic 6
$ mv ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/VB98/ ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Visual\ Basic\ 6/

Register the two dynamically linked libraries essential to run Visual Basic 6 smoothly

$ cd ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/
$ wine regsvr32 comcat.dll
$ wine regsvr32 MSSTDFMT.DLL

Easy, eh? Your all done, now, let’s create an optional launch command with the following contents
File: vbasic

cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Visual\ Basic\ 6/
wine VB6.EXE

Make our launcher executable and place it in the right place

$ chmod +x vbasic
# following command must be issued as root
$ mv vbasic /usr/local/bin/

Now you can just issue the command vbasic, and all should work well, using this launcher, you can create entries for your panel, etc.

Deployed with a fresh install of wine version 1.2-rc2


5 responses to “visual basic 6 revisited – linux – wine”

  1. Deepak G Avatar

    can you please explain how to create the optional launch command or a launcher?
    i’m a noob and couldn’t understand the final steps..

    1. Certainly, open up the Text Editor, gedit, copy paste the file contents, save the file as vbasic in your home directory, exit the editor and open up the terminal, and execute the following
      $ chmod +x vbasic
      $ sudo mv vbasic /usr/local/bin/
      You should be all done now,

  2. I just filed a couple more bugs: VB6 crashes while trying to start simple sample program vb6 installer crashes without +relay

    There are workarounds for both.

  3. Thanks Dan, yes, even I face the very same problem, the form size cannot be changed, it freezes the project window.
    Looking for a workaround to that, it doesn’t even give out any useful output in the console.