liferea and gmail

I bet that mail client of yours just lies there doing nothing, when its sole purpose is to inform you the minute you get a new e-mail. Well, that client just takes up more memory, to just do that, doesn’t it? What if you could just check new mail via an RSS feed?

liferea to the rescue! It’s a simple, easy, and powerful RSS client, which can manage many feeds and provides notification via libnotify. Setting up gmail as a new feed is very easy. Follow your distribution specific install guide here.
Launch liferea from the menu, and click on “New Subscription”. The Feed Source for gmail’s RSS feed to your inbox is Click on OK, then a little while later, it will ask for your login credentials.

Username: example
Password: ******

Do not include And your all set to receive mail updates. Look in the Tools -> Preferences to tune liferea.
You can also add your facebook notifications feed as well.


6 responses to “liferea and gmail”

  1. Heh, true indeed Francis. I’ll tell you what, next month, get me more RAM then.

  2. Are you working on a embedded device ? 1 GB RAM is only found in embedded devices

  3. It certainly does not take less than ten megabytes of RAM. I simply fail to believe it. On a system with 1GB RAM, memory is critical.

  4. yes it does everything you mentioned and more

  5. Does Microsoft Outlook stay peacefully in the taskbar taking as little as ten megabytes of RAM? Does it work with less resources? Does it allow you to read RSS feeds? And notify you instantly?

    Secondly, why was your comment marked as spam?

  6. francis Pereira Avatar
    francis Pereira

    Ever heard of Microsoft Outlook ?