Rooted? Get the most of your Android phone | A power saving strategy

The smart-phones these days are power hungry devices, and often drain the battery within six to eight hours, or even less. However, if it’s running Android, there’s a good chance that that can change. The key is to find the right set of tools, and optimize your phone to be right on the edge, there when you need it, and highly responsive. What it takes is a power saving strategy, offered by Set CPU for root users android application. This nifty little tool, worth it’s price, is by far the most essential application among several others(probably thousands). It allows you to set profiles, and depending on how well you set it up, you can extend your battery life by a couple of hours(~four).
So how do you balance phone responsiveness while saving power at the same time?
Take a look at the following two screenshots, it’s what I’ve got setup:

The settings indicated above, automatically scale the CPU frequency. The highest CPU frequency supported by your processor will take the most power, so if you’d want to scale it down, especially during low levels of battery, this application can help you do so automatically.
Read about the profile priority when setting up newer profiles for this application.

You can read about which CPU frequency governor is right for you here