Sabayon fOuR oH

Based on Gentoo,
Sabayon 4.1, tells me:

  • Great performance with less RAM(though you need like 1GB RAM for it to work well enough).
  • Package Management System is absolutely fantastic, with it’s new “Entropy”.
  • Totally the perfect distribution.
  • A fine distribution for the newbie or the expert.

This is what a critic would say:

  • Definitely better than the leading Ubuntu, like a total drift between Ubuntu and Gentoo.
  • It has many other applications that do the same thing as the main one does.

It’s an absolutely fabulous Linux Experience ever. I would rate it 9/10. Highlighting one of its features, is that all small applications can be just installed from it’s binary form, while high-end application, like openoffice, can be compiled using portage, to provide maximum efficiency. What’s more? It’s speedy and a completely out of the box experience.