EyeCandy for your VIA Unichrome

Not until recently, did I find out about the EXA acceleration method of xorg. It’s the new acceleration architecture. Well, I tried it out, read that it had chances of decreasing the responsiveness of my computer, but hey, there’ no harm in trying it. So, got to their documentation, followed through the steps, and wow!!! The 3D graphics work very well. It didn’t even slow down my computer one bit. Let’s take it to a higher cliff this time. Installed avant-window-navigator, and that too works great. Now, even a bit higher… the compiz-fusion test. I’m not sure if compiz would work on my VIA card, with its high 3D quality, but I’m eager to try it out this evening. So, all the users still using VIA Unichrome cards, don’t give up hope! 3D does work on with the EXA acceleration. Testing will begin this evening with compiz-fusion…
Avant Navigator on my Machine
UPDATE: Running compiz results in a “White Screen”, where the cursor is available, but the rest is white. I think I’m happy with shadows, transparency, fade in/out and avant navigator.


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  1. s which os is this ??