Evidently, SEED is just a kid in the corporate world

Despite several efforts to contact SEED Infotech regarding their mishap for the past two days, they do not respond. E-mails, twitter updates, facebook posts being deleted from their end, says everything: SEED Infotech is lazy. They cannot afford to sponsor an event such as this one. What’s more, today’s challenge makes no sense whatsoever! SEED tried to put up a memorial contest to pay their respects to Dennis Richie, the creator of the C. They called it a “mega-event in January“, I call it a “mega-flop in January“.

The day they came to The Wilson College, they seemed to be disorganized. They didn’t seem to know what they were doing themselves.

SEED has put down the level of computing. SEED has brought their level from zero to nil, well, to top it all off, they had an insane web programmer, who didn’t know what he was doing. Notice the actual link of the page, followed by what it’s supposed to be:


Clearly, they do not have the potential to host such an event, and must be never allowed to.

They haven’t even once shown a sign of improvement, answers incorrect, questions incorrect, what more is there to it? This proves SEED’s incompetence in hosting an event, which surprising should be pretty easy enough to pull off correctly.

Last but not the least, @SEEDInfotech, your just a kid in the corporate world. Congratulations on winning this title.

As Francis Pereira says, “good talent is always hard to find“, and SEED does not have such talent.


2 responses to “Evidently, SEED is just a kid in the corporate world”

  1. ok good i didn’t sign up for those “exams/tests”

    1. judepereira Avatar

      I don’t regret signing up for it. I threw them to the pit they belong to.