SEED hits the pit again #iknowvention

SEED continues to make mistakes.

So is today’s challenge:

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
 return 0;

The answer for the above is 0, as the fourth element in the array “seed” does not exist. This is because of the index value, which starts from 0. Had it been 3, then it would print out the character code for d, and that would be the right answer.
However, none of the options had the value 0, they had some other values.

@SEEDInfotech, why make such obvious mistakes on your side? Didn’t you already learn from my last post? There simply is no room for such mistakes!
Isn’t there any moderator smart enough in your company?

@SEEDInfotech #iknowvention


3 responses to “SEED hits the pit again #iknowvention”

  1. judepereira Avatar

    Here’s the link to the previous post:

  2. Francis Pereira Avatar
    Francis Pereira

    how is main() invoked ? What are the parameters when invoking main ()

    1. judepereira Avatar

      Francis, it doesn’t matter how main() is invoked, as none of those variables are being used.