SEED makes Blunder! #iknowvention

Alright, so I’m taking part in this SEED Infotech C programming contest, and here’s one of yesterday’s challenges:

 if(printf("C for yourself how it works \n");

One of the options were
a) C for yourself how it works infinate times

Now isn’t that catchy? Look at it clearly, there’s one pair of brackets missing!

@SEEDInfotech, how did you choose that as the right answer?

Hit, and then click on previous level’s correct answer.


7 responses to “SEED makes Blunder! #iknowvention”

  1. Jude Pereira Avatar
    Jude Pereira

    Received a call from SEED Infotech, they accept their mistake, and also fixed my marks for that incorrect answer from their side.

  2. Shruti Lokhande Avatar
    Shruti Lokhande

    Fine, It happens, among large database of questions inserted in DB there can be 5-10% can be forgiven.see from +side that as a student you come to know diffrent types of questions,asked from diffrent perspectives and by just investing 5 min of yours.

    1. judepereira Avatar

      I guess, but in a competition such as this, there simply is no room for such things. Such minor things need to be taken care of, and this wasn’t a database issue, as clearly the database did it’s job in bringing the data as inserted by the “seed infotech developer and organiser”.

      1. Namrata Marathe Avatar
        Namrata Marathe

        The questions and answer has to be converted into a particular format so that it can be visible properly on web page.That time this mistake would have happen.
        There is always room for error to a certain extent everywhere unless you are God.
        I am sure if you mail your details -login to your marks would be adjusted in this case.

        1. judepereira Avatar

          Hi Namrata,
          I will do the same. But I’m still confused, how did your company decide to not verify this issue. If you even look at the question, it would seem like as if seed was expecting everyone to choose that answer, while just one caught that there was no bracket to end the if.

          1. Namrata Marathe Avatar
            Namrata Marathe

            See, we are sharing question and answers of previous day with every particicpant, so if there is such an issue we can be contacted and marks can be adjusted.All participants know our contact detials under contact us.
            we have tried to check q-ans from our end but mistakes can happen.As far as we are accepting the mistake and ensuring that other person is not at loss because of it.its ok.

            1. judepereira Avatar

              I agree. I hope such mistakes do not happen in the near future.