St. Mary’s High School, Mt. Abu

I have spent almost five years at this school.

St. Mary's High School, Mt. Abu a. k. a. The Paradise

It was just like a second home to me. With facilities like a swimming pool, basketball courts, football grounds, a multimedia, etc., we not only grew up to be pure men but also with a range of hobbies that we do. There are several competitions that are held on a regular basis, that keep renewing that spirit of enthusiasm and anxiety. There were outdoor games almost everyday, save the Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. We had always learnt to live by each other’s weaknesses and strength.

Some of our favorite “hotspots” for the evening walks were Flaggy, Plummy, Lime Orchard, Tiger’s Path and Shalgaon. Overnight Camping was a must for the class tens, their final year. The overnight picnic was filled with fun. We had a food contest, an award for the well-maintained tent, etc. We had the tents set-up in no time and then became like stone-age early men, gathering fuel for the fire each group had to start. There were five groups in total, staying in tents.

Overnight Class Picnic, 2009

Those were the days of fun, living together, sharing experiences, consoling each other and being at each other’s side. The special part of St. Mary’s is that the students have a unique attachment to the school. Year after year, some batches have the reunion on the October Parents’ Week. This makes St. Mary’s very, very, special. Br. Kevin remarked, “I have been to many other Christian Brother’s Schools and Colleges, but among all of them, St. Mary’s is the most special. The ex-students have a special attachment to this School”.

At the end of all this, some weep while others rejoice. Some sob because they had more to do with this school than the others. The others rejoice because they now have a chance to face the world.
“With each beginning, comes an end.”

I am in NO way affiliated with this school anymore than an ex-student. DO NOT ask for the school term details here, the school number has been posted as a comment reply, read it, comments will be ignored if they seem to be illegitimate. School Website is


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  1. Mohammed Naem Memon Avatar
    Mohammed Naem Memon

    Awesome school…
    I am of batch 2k14

  2. anilherman Avatar

    Very owesome.

  3. Mantra Avatar

    good work jude…….

  4. Pretty good post. I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.

  5. Girish Fernandes Avatar
    Girish Fernandes


    No words to explain the way i feel about school

  6. hi jude,this is dhaval.i spent 4 years in st.mary’s. ah! the past comes alive when we hear this word “st.mary’s”.i have been to many schools but none is like our second home,st.mary’s. and u have done a fabulous job,really awesome. keep the st.mary’s spirit and enjoy the life.
    “faithful we’ll ever be,to our alma mater
    now and ever after
    so that all shall see
    that we stand for loyalty”.

  7. Jude….. U’ve refreshed alot of memories for me…. Though bein from Abu itself N havin relatives in school (Mr James)…. I loved my school…. I could be there throughout the day… Loved every part of it… Was in the 2005 batch N had performed for our platinum jubilee function….


    1. Ah, yea I sort-of know you, when I joined in the sixth, it was probably your last year, the jubilee year. It was fun there, miss all of that; Especially the parents’ week.

  8. Rewan Singh Avatar
    Rewan Singh

    Im student of class 4th-wish u all veryyy…very safe & happy diwali….

  9. shakeeb M Kagdi Avatar
    shakeeb M Kagdi

    I want to admit my son in Saint marry Boarding School. He is in std. 7. So pls give me fees detail & admission time.I am from Ahmedabad.

    1. Kindly take a look at the bottom part of the article. I’ve just updated it.

  10. Mukesh Desai Avatar
    Mukesh Desai

    I like to inquire about your boarding school for daughter. We live abroad. Please reply.

    1. I *don’t* run the school, its governed by the Christian Brothers.
      “…girls only school.” …comment #14

  11. Honey malhotra Avatar
    Honey malhotra

    can i have st marys mount abu’s current working number… ????

    1. Surely, (+91) 9462287025, it’s a direct number to the present principal of the school.

  12. nice information ! pls tell me what standards it cover & What are the Fees Structures for studying, tuitions, activities, boarding & for food etc. inclusing all… Can I get admission for Girl student for 1st std for 2011 academic year. Is it safe for kids studying in 1st or 2nd, especially for girls.

    pls. reply. awaiting for your reply.

    1. St. Mary’s High School is not a co-ed school, its only for boys, and the classes start from the fourth grade. There is another school close, Sophia High School, which is in the local town, and is governed by the Catholic nuns. Its a girls only school.

  13. Shone Thomas Avatar
    Shone Thomas


  14. jai fernandez Avatar
    jai fernandez

    passed out in ’89march having been there six years and was up there for our 20th reunion in Oct2009 reached there after driving 770kms from Mumbai along with five other families ,all our batch guys,have regular meets now and hope to be there for the 25th soon. By the way it was we that won the tug o war last october there was no way we could have taken the relay but then it was worth the try .

  15. rosy fernandes Avatar
    rosy fernandes

    pls give me the website of this school

    1. There are many out there, but the one that is most up-to-date would be this link(click here)

  16. Hi Jude,
    Well, i spent 4 years at St Marys,Mount Abu and i must say that it was
    a fantastic peroid of my life. I am from the 1990 batch.I have seen 4 years of Boarding schooling and 6 years of city schooling(Bombay).
    It has been my wish to one day go back to Mount Abu during Parents week
    and i am hoping that i am able to make it this year.

  17. Prabakar Avatar


    I completed my 10th in 1986, are in touch with this batch, if so kindly provide me details.

    Best regards,
    S. Prabakar

  18. Bhama Menon Avatar
    Bhama Menon

    I am from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I would like to have my son’s admission in St Mary’s Boarding School for 7th Standard for the academic year June 2010 and wish him to be continued at least up to his 12th standard. Kindly provide me the details for his admission. I also would like to know whether this school is under CBSE/ ICSE.

    1. It is an ICSE, Delhi board affiliated school, and it’s only up till the 10th standard.
      Regarding his admission, contact the school

  19. I studied at st mary’s from 1968 till 1973 and am indebted to the school for giving me a superb foundation.I fondly remember Brother Keane,Brother Kelly,Mrs Khambatta,Mr Goyal,Mr Edwin,Brother Lynch.Fantastic school!!!!!!!!!!!! deepak gopalkrishan

  20. @bhavesh
    St. Mary’s, Mt. Abu is indeed a very nice boarding school. There are many activities from time to time. Regular tests are a feature. The students there are trained to live basically on their own. The present principal, Miss Mary Joseph, has had an experience of teaching in Abu for over twenty-five years. She caters their needs in a very pleasant manner(as of what I have heard). Life there is like none elsewhere. Together with academics, the boys are also given the chance to excel in sport.

    I would rather suggest you to admit your son/ward to this boarding school.

  21. hello,
    how r u ?
    i want to know more about st.mary school mt.abu because i want to admite my son in the bording school so please tell me about this please

  22. Gary Campos Avatar
    Gary Campos

    i didnt know u did this!… awesome!… was checking sum pix of the scool and found these things