You should not use Airtel

No one likes to be controversial about this. I would definitely agree with Airtel and it’s “just awesome” service to me. Now, I rather would not at all. “Airtel has me on the worse side”. Looking at this agreeable GPRS scheme, “Nightly Month@Rs. 89”, displayed at *567#, is that you get 100MB during the day free and 2GB free from midnight to early morning eight, with validity for thirty days. Convincing myself to go for this scheme(because as of now I live without the Internet), I happily activated it on my Airtel number. First day, 200MB was downloaded, no charges whatsoever, fine. Last night, 357MB was downloaded, which is numerically less than 2048MB, was downloaded, they charged me Rs. 62.35. So now, whatever happened to the free 2GB downloads in the night? I’ll tell you what happened to it: Airtel had a big stick up in their a**. Convincing some of my friends to go to some other provider won’t be easy.

Of course, your all wondering what happened to the Technical Support available at 121, well all I now hear is “Please SMS AIRTEL to 121 for all your balance related queries”, instead of the friendly, “Please hold while I transfer the call, blah blah blah”.

The covenant that I make,

“Thou shall and not think deepest in their thoughts about using Airtel and its services, for thou shall be doomed afterwards.”

You should not use Airtel.


2 responses to “You should not use Airtel”

  1. I have tried to do that, no response.

  2. try emailing them they reply soon