Upgrade WordPress, eh?

Here’s what most, or at least all of you are doing: your upgrading your WordPress blog back-end from time to time as and when releases are out. Most of the articles about this tell you how to upgrade. Well, this one doesn’t. Here are five reasons why not to upgrade WordPress!

  • Your present theme(which you are most comfortable with) would probably break
  • Your plugins, if the authors are either paralyzed or dead, won’t upgrade them, so you lose out on plugins that you already have installed and then waste your time looking for newer ones which provide the same functionality
  • In worse scenarios, you may lose your database(of course, you do have a backup, but restoring it would take time)
  • Takes ten minutes of your precious time(as a science student, I really don’t have much time on my hands)
  • Why on earth would you want to upgrade?

Then again, “When I upgraded my WordPress, I have new features and increased robustness”. Okay, so what? Let’s stick to one release which doesn’t have any bugs nor any glitches. Recently, around a year back, Automatic released two upgrades for WordPress, one after another within a month or so, because the earlier one had a potential security flaw. So your really not sure if the one your going to updade to would be secure as in “secure”, or would a flaw be discovered after you’ve upgraded, and then have your blog hacked.

There are so many features in the present WordPress which most of us fail to use or make use of properly, so why would you want to upgrade it when your not going to use the new features?

Now, think again,

Do I really want to upgrade my WordPress back-end?

P. S. If anyone knows how to disable that yellow banner that pops up when a new WordPress update is available, and/or know how to disable plugins from showing their updates, please comment how to.


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  1. Thanks Joel :)

  2. Upgrades are better. That is what I feel. And to disable the upgrade notification, install this plugin Disable WordPress Core Update

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