Visual Basic drinking Wine

This tutorial is depreciated, please follow my new tutorial: visual basic 6 revisited – linux – wine
Visual Basic running on Fedora

Get past with your life on Windows, install Microsoft Visual Basic 6 on GNU/Linux with some good old wine…

  1. Install the required libs, etc.
    $ winetricks ddr=gdi vb6run gecko gdiplus fontfix d3dx9 corefonts mdac_typ dcom98
  2. From a working Windows XP installation, copy over riched20.dll, riched32.dll, urlmon.dll, oleaut32.dll, and hhctrl.ocx, from the system32 folder to your wine system32 folder
  3. In your Wine configuration dialog, under the Libraries tab,
    set the following files to native:
    And set these to builtin:
  4. Do a fresh install of IE6 with ies4linux, click on Advanced and edit the downloads and the install prefix to make it totally compatible with your existing .wine directory.
  5. Then run the Visual Basic 6 installer, and if everything goes well, cd to .wine/drive_c/windows/system32 and execute “wine regsvr32 comcat.dll” and “wine regsvr32 MSSTDFMT.DLL”

And your done! Have fun with Visual Basic on Linux!

Tested with wine 1.1.38 and Fedora Constantine(F12)


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  2. My nephew recommended this blog and he was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

  3. Hi,

    thanks for the nice how-to, it does not work though:
    I followed your instructions, yet running “setup.exe” results in immediate crash, running “acmboot.exe”/”acmsetup.exe” stops with:

    “You must first run the Installation Wizard before running this setup”

    Any idea?

    1. What is the error given out when you run setup.exe from the terminal?

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